Our firewood comes primarily from hardwood forest made of maple, yellow birch and beech trees from the region of Portneuf, Quebec.


Prior to the conversion into firewood, the hardwood logs are pre-selected. The Logs logs showing any defect are sent to the charcoal kilns. Only the # 1 quality logs are transformed into firewood.

Our company offers the option of air dried firewood or a lower than 25% moisture content kiln dried firewood. The main characteristics of Kiln dried firewood are as follows: Elimination of insects in the firewood during the high temperature drying process (much cleaner firewood) Less moisture in your house with the storage of kild dried firewood. Complete combustion with up to 30% higher energy compared to traditional air dried firewood reducing the quantity of firewood to handle and store each year.

Firewood available in 12 inches* or 15 inches* in bulk |

Also available in 15" firewood in 0,6 cord superbag (+/- 20 ft)
* firewood length may vary +/- 1 inch





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