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Natural Charcoal as food additive!

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Animal Nutrition

Charcoal having extreme porosity can adsorb in the intestines of livestock and domestic animals and neutralizes the gas, toxic chemicals and even microbial bodies. Its regular use at low dosage reduces the risk of diseases and contributes to healthy animals.



Our natural charcoal, as a carbon source!

Our natural charcoal, as a carbon source, is still used in some industrial processes. From renewable forest biomass and free of sulfur contaminants, it is an excellent alternative to petroleum-based products.

Available in bulk.


Our natural charcoal (grade # 3) has long been used to improve the fertility of acidic, degraded and impoverished soil. Due to its porous structure, anti-fungal properties and high levels of fixed carbon, our charcoal enhance the growth of various plants by fixing nutrients while retaining moisture in it porous structure. It is a good supplement for your flowers, shrubs, trees and hedges. Our Charcoal to improve plant growth is available in bags of 35 lbs and in bulk bags.


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Should you have any other ideas or possible new applications for natural charcoal, please do not hesitate to contact us and enquire about our capability to service you efficiently.




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