Maple leaf charcoal

Our charcoal is made of 100% hardwood such as maple, birch and beech logs.

The hardwood comes from nearby forests which are certified based on responsible harvesting and long term forest management. Only timber not already valued by local sawmills is used in our charcoal kilns. Our operations are fully integrated into the sustainable management of the forest where our hardwood comes from.

The slow pyrolysis process (wood carbonization without oxygen) occurs in kilns containing refractory bricks to ensure strict quality control and complete conversion of wood into charcoal. This manufacturing technique leads to a high carbon content of more than 78% which contributes to long cooking time and delightful wood flavors. Our charcoal is screened prior to its final packaging. The larger charcoal lumps are preferentially selected for our BBQ clients and for professional catering. Large charcoal lumps ensure fast lighting, excellent heat diffusion and optimum cooking on BBQ.

Our charcoal is available in 4 kg and 8 kg bags.

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Lump charcoal



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